The Joy of Giving


Thank You! 

Because of your generosity

We have reached our Goal!

Total as of December 27th - $5,050



The NEPGA Scholarship Fund Committee is holding its annual Holiday Appeal and is asking for your help and support.

Since 1985, children and grandchildren of New England PGA members have been awarded college scholarships through this Fund. The Fund is in need of donations in order to continue to help deserving students reach their academic goals.

With the holidays just around the corner, please consider giving a donation to this worthy cause. During registration, you can make your donation in the memory of or in the honor of any individual whom you would like to recognize. Any amount you can contribute will be most welcomed and appreciated. You will receive a personal letter acknowledging your contribution for income tax purposes.

Thank You for your contribution!

  • Roger D. Adams, PGA
  • Jeff Bailey, PGA in memory of Bob Baldassari, Sr.
  • Eric Barlow, PGA
  • Bob Beach, PGA in memory of Terry Frechette and Ken & Andrea Campbell
  • Bucky Buchanan, PGA in memory of Fran Love III
  • Stuart Cady, PGA
  • Christopher R. Carter, PGA
  • David L. Christy, PGA in memory of Vye Christy & Pat Mangan
  • Stephen Clancy, PGA
  • Todd Cook, PGA
  • Anthony Decker, PGA
  • Stephen P. Doyle, PGA in memory of Manny Salem
  • Richard Fagan, PGA in memory of Robert L. Fagan
  • Greg Farland, PGA
  • Tom Giffin, PGA
  • Dan Gillis, PGA in memory of Bob Gillis
  • Brian D Hamilton, PGA in memory of Warren Birch, PGA
  • Kirk Hanefeld, PGA
  • Shawn Hester, PGA
  • Peter Hood, PGA in memory of Ray and Coco Lajoie
  • Joel Jenkins, PGA in memory of Edward Jenkins Sr.
  • Lou Katsos, PGA
  • Glenn Kelly, PGA in memory of Mark Ritchey and Terry Frechette
  • Jim Lane, PGA in memory of Phil Lane
  • Mark C. Larrabee, PGA in memory of Jeff Hadley
  • Donnie Lyons, PGA in memory of Bill Barclay and Bill Flynn
  • Steven G. Mann, PGA
  • Mike McBroom, PGA in memory of Louise Silbaugh
  • Tom Moffatt, PGA
  • Jack Neville, PGA
  • Jim O'Leary, PGA in memory of Tom Murphy
  • Seul-Ki Park, PGA
  • Lou Rivers, PGA
  • Bryce Roberts, PGA in memory of John Angis
  • Thomas E. Rooney, PGA in memory of Thomas A. Rooney
  • Jim Salinetti, PGA
  • Jim Sheerin, PGA in memory of Mike Ryan
  • David Sibley, PGA
  • Zachary Sweet, PGA
  • Rich Thibeault, PGA
  • Brendan Walsh, PGA in memory of William T. Walsh
  • Matt Walsh, PGA in memory of Dutch Wessner
  • Eddie Whalley, PGA in honor of Edward H. Whalley